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Made with Joone

This is a list of projects that use the Joone's libraries. Feel free to contact us to add here a link to your own project/application

  • Breakage: the intelligent drum machine (by Ollie Glass) Breakage is an intelligent drum machine designed to make it easy and fun to play complex, live breakbeat performances. A step-sequencer pattern editor and previewer, database, sample browser, neural network, pattern morphs, statistics and probabilistic pattern generator give you the tools to work with breaks on a higher level than ever before.
  • Software Development Effort Estimations Through Neural Networks (by Sebastian Donatti) A very interesting work about the development of a neural network model to solve the software development effort estimation problem with a more complex feed-forward architecture and using a large software development metrics historical database
  • A complete character recognition program (by Yan Cheng)
  • JOONEGAP (by Richard Kennard) A Neural Network evolutionary environment

Joone used in the Academic World (write us to list here your work)

Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms (by Huascar Fiorletta) Huascar is one of the most active developers of Joone, and he published his PhD Thesis here in order to share the document with the users of Joone and receive comments, suggestions, etc. If you want, you can write him (huascar80[AT]infinito[DOT]it)