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Welcome to the Joone wiki! biggrin

This is the official brainstorming area for the Joone Community.
Joone is an Artificial Neural Networks framework written in Java licensed under the LGPL. It's composed by a Core Engine, a GUI Editor and a Distributed Training Environment and can be extended by writing new modules to implement new algorithms or architectures starting from base components.

On this site you can find:

New: Try the alpha release of JoonePad, the new neural network visual editor (you need WebStart). After that, if you want you can post your comments/suggestions to the dedicated forum. Thanks.

Contributing to the wiki
You will probably notice that some of the links here point to empty or incomplete pages. Please feel free to help us document Joone by filling them in and cleaning things up. This includes making changes to pages that are already fairly complete, such as this one.

Everyone is free to edit the pages on this wiki to correct and improve them, except where special consideration is necessary. Before you can do this you must 'register' at the top right of the page and create an identity (or if you already have done so, you must simply login). This is so we know who has created or edited pages and helps us get in touch and track changes on the wiki.

Having done that, you can simply click on the 'edit' link above.

Useful links:

This is only the beginning, stay tuned... wink

Project Summary

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